Ministry of Economy | UAE

With a fervent aim to sustain the positive momentum from last year’s exhibition, the UAE Ministry of Economy is delighted to once again return to the world’s largest trade fair. Our objective is to develop the national economy and create a pro-business environment that contributes to achieve a balanced and sustainable development of the country. This will be accomplished through the enactment and modernization of economic legislations, foreign trade policies, development of national industries and exports, promotion of investment, all under the leadership of efficient nationals in line with international standards of creativity, excellence and knowledge economies.

With 13 percent of our non-oil GDP coming from the manufacturing sector, it’s evident that this division of business is a pillar of our country’s economy. That is why we are ardent supporters of Hannover Messe and being a part of the UAE’s inclusion for a milestone year, with its host of government, semi-government and manufacturing firms standing beside us.

This year’s leading theme of ‘Integrated Industry – Creating Value’, brings great excitement to us, as it complements the UAE’s own efforts to build highly integrated, smart and sustainable urban environments. This being said, we must also convey are understanding the value of the industrial sector, which is why our government is allocating more funds for related projects that stimulate growth, drive economic diversification and develop industrial skills. We are particularly pursuing initiatives that promote innovation, scientific research, and modern technology.

The United Arab Emirates looks forward to the wealth of knowledge, advanced technologies and best industry practices awaiting its participants. We are also eager to strengthen existing affiliations with the industrial trade and form new ones that complement our growth strategy.