The UAE participates in Hanover Messe 2016 with 9 government bodies and 30 factories in a 900 sq meter stand

Khalifa Al Mansoori: the DED leads the UAE participation in the event to reflect Abu Dhabi government's keenness on supporting joint efforts to develop the UAE industrial sector.

The UAE is participating for the 8th consecutive time in Hanover Messe 2016, the leading international industrial event due to be held in Germany on 25-29 of April, with a 900 sq meter stand that involves 9 government bodies and 30 factories from around the UAE.

The inauguration of the UAE stand in Hanover Messe 2016 will be attended by H.E. Eng. Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy, H.E. Ali Majid Al Mansoori, ADDED Chairman and a host of senior officials from the bodies that are taking part in the event under the umbrella of the UAE stand which is led by the ADDED in close coordination with the Ministry of Economy.

This was announced in a press conference today held at the ADDED's Abu Dhabi EconomicMedia Club, which brought together representatives from ADDED, the Ministry of Economy and other departments that will participate in the global event, including the Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones, Abu Dhabi ports, Dubai Industrial City, Abu Dhabi Chamber, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), Strata industries and the ADDED's Industrial Development Bureau.

Commenting on this event, H.E. Khalifa Bin Salem Al Mansoori, the ADDED's Acting Undersecretary said that spearheading the UAE participation by ADDED in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy comes to reflect Abu Dhabi government keenness on supporting joint efforts across the UAE to create an attractive environment that boosts the industrial competitiveness of the UAE and Abu Dhabi in particular.

H.E. pointed out that this participation will motivate industrial investment in the UAE which is now very keen on adopting the latest regional and global standards and specifications in the industrial sector by focusing on new technology and innovation in this vital sector.

Al Mansoori stressed that the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is targeting the local and foreign private sectors to lead the investments in the industrial sector in the coming years, saying that Abu Dhabi government is working hard to develop an integrated environment to increase small and medium enterprises (SME) in the industrial sector.

H.E. added that the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is currently working on providing the appropriate requirements and incentives to attract more investments, like easy market access, tax-free environment, good infrastructure, financing, intellectual property protection, foreign ownership laws, technological R&D support, etc., noting that the emirate will be focusing on aerospace and defense industries, petrochemicals, industrial equipment, mineral, food and pharmaceutical industries as well as renewed energy.

On a related field, H.E. Mohamed Helal Al Muhairi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry said that the Chamber's participation in Hanover Messe 2016 comes to translate its support to the industrial sector and the industrial establishments in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and its endeavor to find new markets for these establishments. "This participation is exceptionally important as it comes along with other national bodies under the UAE umbrella and as the representatives of these bodies are keen on getting the best results from attending this global event," H.E. said.

H.E. stressed that the Chamber's presence in Hanover Messe is part of Abu Dhabi's ambitious plans to promote the distinguished regional and global position of the emirate and its promising investment climate and facilities given to businessmen and investors in all sectors, especially the industrial sector which is receiving considerable attention from the government. The government, H.E. noted has taken several initiatives and steps like establishing an advanced world-class infrastructure that addressed all the needs and requirements of the industrial sector.

H.E. concluded by saying that the economic diversification strategy which Abu Dhabi endeavors to achieve through Abu Dhabi Vision 2030, has activated the vital economic sectors, most important of which is the industrial sector, by establishing specialized industrial zones that give investors and businessmen considerable benefits and advanced services, not to mention easy access to the region's markets.

On his part, Mr. Ayman Makkawy, Director General of the DED's Industrial Development Bureau, stressed in the press conference that the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) has been working since its establishment to develop a set of detailed strategies for each industrial sector or activity and to supervise the implementation of these plans and strategies in cooperation with other stakeholders to find the best means and methods that would provide industrial development enablers across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

He added that the IDB's participation in Hanover Messe 2016 aims to introduce the investment opportunities in the industrial sector in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and to benefit from the presence of key companies and countries participating in this event.

"The Emirate of Abu Dhabi's IDB is currently working on implementing and offering many advanced services that would streamline and facilitate processes for investors in the industrial sector in Abu Dhabi on par with the world's best standards especially when it comes to licensing services, industrial facility set-up, tax exemption on imported production requirements, etc. to encourage our local industrial products to compete in foreign markets," explained Eng. Makkawy.

Commenting on the participation of Abu Dhabi Ports in such international exhibitions to explore investment opportunities, Captain Mohammad Al Shamsi, Abu Dhabi Ports' CEO said, "Our participation in Hanover Messe for the sixth consecutive year reflects our interest in providing the best offers to encourage direct industrial and logistic investment in Khalifa Industrial City in Abu Dhabi."

"This comes as part of the comprehensive facilities and opportunities offered by the UAE to empower trade and develop the country's industrial sectors, especially in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi through operational integration between Khalifa port and Khalifa Industrial City as the two play a leading role in supporting economic diversification," he added.

He expressed his hope to benefit from the international expertise and get introduced to the latest innovation in business sector management which would bolster our position a promising commercial, industrial and logistics hub in the region, in addition to the advanced infrastructure that boosts our competitiveness capabilities.

On his turn, Mr. Abdullah Belhoul, CEO of Dubai Wholesale City (DWC), said that the participation of Dubai Wholesale City in this event comes at two different fronts, the industrial and the commercial fronts. On the industrial aspect, DWC has a significant industrial component that reflects a comprehensive vision based on the interconnection between industry and trade, encouraging industry to address local needs, foreign trade and wholesale trade. The City offers the elements for a robust and promising industrial sector in the UAE in terms of roads, labor cities, innovative storage solutions, leading urban planning, strategic location near the main roads, ports and airports, not to mention distinguished logistics services. "Thanks to these integrated services, Dubai Industrial City has become a leading destination for industries and logistic services, with more than 800 business partners provided with all the facilities that meet their growth needs to achieve their strategic objectives, which in turn reflects positively on the City's success and contribution to the local and national economy," added Mr. Belhoul.

"On the commercial aspect of the participation in the event, it comes to support those who work in the wholesale of industry-related products. Trading in machines, equipment and industrial devices constitute an important part of the wholesale sector for which we seek to become the main hub in the region as this is a USD billions market locally inside the UAE and much more at the regional level. The USE is currently a hub for machines and equipment suppliers to some markets like African markets, and we aspire to develop this role and expand it to become the first hub for such markets as well as other markets," concluded Mr. Belhoul.

Commenting on Strata Manufacturing's participation in Hanover Messe 2016, Mr. Badr Salim Al-Olama, Strata CEO, said that the global interest shown in the UAE's manufacturing companies that take part in this biggest global event is a clear indication of the key contribution of the UAE industrial sector in the global value-added chains and the great strides taken by the UAE industry in several sectors like aerospace, semi-conductors, metallurgy and many other industries that depend on state-of-the-art technology and apply the world's highest quality standards.

"By participating in Hanover Messe 2016, we showcase today the distinguished capabilities we were able to build in the aerospace industry, which enabled us to win the confidence of giant airplanes manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus. This is to be added to our national talents who were able to achieve distinction and innovation in no more than six years since Strata was established. There is no doubt that Strata and other UAE manufacturing companies were just a direct result of the vision of our wise leadership in building a sustainable, diversified, knowledge-based economy," Al-Olama concluded.

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) is also attending Hanover Messe 2016 in cooperation and coordination with ADDED, which is the organizer of the UAE stand in this event. ADNOC's participation aims to developed fruitful cooperation ties with major world companies in the field of industry and technology by showcasing the requirements of the oil, gas and petrochemical industry in the UAE and getting briefed on the latest trends in this sector. ADNOC stressed that the importance of such exhibitions lies in the fact that they help ADNOC's efforts and initiatives in knowledge transfer in the field of oil, gas and petrochemicals. They can also help ADNOC build business partnerships by introducing investors and the business community in general to the available joint investment opportunities across the various fields of business in ADNOC and its Group Companies.

"Participating in such global exhibitions and events helps ADNOC stay updated on the latest technologies, which serves its expansion projects in the oil, gas and petrochemical sector and supports its efforts and initiatives to protect health, safety and environment," ADNOC went on to say.

ADNOC concluded by saying that these international events provide a platform to showcase the wide strides and the great development witnessed by the UAE oil and gas sector and the efforts exerted by ADNOC to utilize the latest technologies in this sector while also promote the investment opportunities available in this sector and benefit from the extremely informative sessions, workshops and panel discussions at the sideline of the exhibition.

Hanover Messe is considered the world's biggest industry gathering, attracting a huge number of exhibitors from around the world to its grounds in Hanover, the capital of the state of Lower Saxony. The exhibition ground is about 496,000 sq meters, including 27 halls and pavilions. Specialized in all aspects of industrial technology, Hanover Messe showcases core areas of industry, automation, new trends and products, etc. It attracts some 6,200 exhibitors and 250,000 visitors. Its first session was organized in 1947 in the premises of an undestroyed factory in Laatzen, south of Hanover in post war Germany.